Solutions Integrator

Data Regulator
Data Regulator™

Data composition analytics, automated data disposition, cyber-attack response, and Data Access Governance (DAG)

Data Aggregator
Data Aggregator™

Data consolidation, transfer and orchestration of edge data over any network for centralized processing in the cloud

Data Auditor™

Archive email & files, conduct searches, random sampling, email retraction, data classification and retention management

Data Litigator
Data Litigator™

Comprehensive matter management, legal holds, unique “Smart Collection” methodology, and remote review collaboration

Data Moderator
Data Moderator™

Data Moderator features with AI-based machine learning for mitigating data risk, and accelerating time-to-value

Modus Data Regulator™

Just as poor personal health choices can make you ill and recovery difficult, not addressing your data’s health with proper care can have a tremendous impact when trauma strikes!

Data Regulator Helps to Analyze and Enforce

Unstructured data is often ignored because it’s everywhere, and growing at an unbelievable rate. It’s ignored because unstructured data represents 80% of the information organizations maintain on average. That makes unstructured data both an untapped source of opportunities and a major source of potential liability. As much as 1/3 of it is considered sensitive, and yet organizations that do have security policies in place often fail to enforce them and access controls remain weak. In most cases, this is because protecting something unknown represents a serious challenge. Identifying sensitive content and governing data access should be priorities in any security strategy.

Protect High-Value Data

Set alerts to be notified of any change in high high-value targets and their associated access rights & permissions. Protect network network-stored unstructured data and ensure its integrity by reverting to previous versions of precious content and its access rights to counter ransomware attacks, erase mistakes, or simply to gain visibility into data in its previous state.

Data Regulator’s actions provide essential data hygiene:
  • Reduced risk exposure
  • Increased security posture
  • Improved regulatory compliance
However, taking no action can have serious consequences:
  • Data breaches
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Sensitive data leaks
Access RightsRights:
  • Direct
  • Indirect
  • Inherited

Not everyone needs to access the same data and use it the same way. You can’t
always control how employees access and use information. So who should have access to what? Ultimately, users should have the least amount of access rights and permissions to efficiently do their job.

Automate Onboarding & Offboarding

Reduce file system administration costs & facilitate Data Access Governance (DAG) with automated home folder and collaboration storage provisioning and de-provisioning. Through an Active Directory integration, easily and securely administer access rights and permissions to access file server data by merely changing a user from one group or role to another.

Modus Data Aggregator™

Modus Data Aggregator a purpose-built edge solution

Modus Data Aggregator enables the consolidation, transfer and orchestration of edge data over any network for centralized processing in the cloud.  It is truly the premier edge solution to connect business data from remote locations to the most powerful cloud services, regardless of your data’s original format. Whether or not it’s running as a container, existing hardware, or a virtual machine.

  • Edge Data Processing
  • Reliable Data Transfer
  • Smart Data Migration
  • Business Case

Remote data collection has quickly become the norm as eDiscovery professionals look for data collection alternatives amidst increasingly dispersed hybrid data centers and remote workforces. With Modus Data Aggregator, our clients can pre-cull based on metadata (file type, date created, source location, etc.) and automatically move that data to the cloud for processing, eliminating hours/days of collection wait time to process case data. All this while ensuring that your data:

  • Remains forensically sound
  • Maintains folder structure
  • Documents all files copied and when
  • Hashes data before and after transit

Modus Data Auditor™

With the growing accumulation of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data in organizations—increasingly through the adoption of big data applications—dark data is the operational data that is left unanalyzed or underused, and often lost altogether. Why is dark data important? Because it can be an opportunity to take advantage of new revenue options or reduce internal costs.

Groom Unstructured Data

Unstructured data represents the fastest growing type of data today. By far, most of the information your organization maintains is unstructured. Unstructured data can sit anywhere in your company, in any type of file, in any format, across your storage hierarchies. Unstructured data is ubiquitous in wealth management, insurance claims processing, medical files, account administration, and so on. Not to mention the email growth, often made worse by email attachments having no business value.

Why Enterprise Email Retraction Is Mission Mission-Critical
  • Retract phishing attacks and messages breaching acceptable usage policy from all affected mailboxes.
  • Emails & documents can be retracted, quarantined, safely reviewed, deleted, or released when cleared.
  • Remove any suspicious messages from your mail system with just a few clicks.

Predefined Modus Data Auditor Roles:


Assign rights and permissions to Audit Managers.

Audit Managers

Create cases, track, manage, edit, export, save, assign auditors and reviewers.


View, search, comment, tag, save, and export audits within cases assigned to them.


View, comment, tag and save within subsets of data assigned to them.

End users

Search their personal archives and live mail.

Choose to receive actionable regular reports or Modus Curator can act automatically to remediate issues with the non-complaint information stored across your organization. Move from reactive audits to real real-time visibility and actions

The low level of technical elements in phishing emails makes them very challenging to intercept for Email Security Solutions. This feature adds a level of security ensuring that malicious communications making it to employee
mailboxes can be retracted and deleted in a few clicks, or even pushed back after review if harmless

Curator can assist with sampling for inappropriate communications and policy violations to mitigate liability, reduce legal exposure, create cost efficiencies and free up resources. Configure and receive automated reports which identify data vulnerabilities in real time for immediate action.

With visibility across all your data sources(cloud, on-prem & hybrid) you will have the confidence flexibility to find what you need more quickly. Curator connects to an extensive list of locations allowing searches, audits, archiving, and remediation of unstructured data through a centralized view.

Modus Data Litigator™

Simplify, accelerate, and bring eDiscovery in-house saving hundreds of thousands or millions in costs. Make faster, earlier decisions regarding litigation and settlements. Perform role-based and collaborative case management within and across departments.

Business Case

As a direct consequence of exponentially growing volumes of data and the multiplication of locations it’s stored into, eDiscovery is growing in complexity. It requires the investment of more & more human and budgetary resources. Millions of dollars can be spent before cases even go to trial. Traditional eDiscovery is unnecessarily expensive: all potentially relevant data needs to be copied & sent to be reviewed by an outside counsel, charging at an hourly rate or per megabyte. Apart from the risk of fines and sanctions due to missing, lost, or spoliated data, the true cost of eDiscovery such as the drain on corporate resources, lost productivity, and the expense of outsourcing it, can all directly influence an organization’s bottom line.

Flip Your EDRM: How Modus Smart Collection works for you

We could call it preemptive collection and identification. The idea is to have software enabled process that:

  • Connects to all data sources relevant to your organization
  • Maintains an up up-to-date index of that information
  • Keeps a permanent collection

So when an eDiscovery request is made, inside or outside counsel can quickly identify a complete (but minimal) set of data by processing directly from the source location. Then, the information is collected, put on legal hold, and exported all in a single action. Thereby completing the review, production, and presentation processes

Modus Data Litigator: A Readiness Introspection

  • Do you have a written records retention policy?
  • Is your record retention policy enforced and audited?
  • Do you feel like you currently have a defensible repeatable process for eDiscovery requests?
  • What is your current litigation hold process?
  • Does your current collection/preservation process involve any self collection by custodian?
  • How much are you currently spending on outside counsel review costs?
  • How much are you currently spending on vender processing costs?
  • Would you like to review any documents in-house or merely cull data to reduce outside counsel costs?
  • Is your current archiving system meeting your needs, or does it feel outdated?
  • Do you feel like every time you have a new discovery request you are reinventing the wheel?

Modus Data Moderator™

Quickly and easily identify, audit and remediate risky or sensitive information (e.g., PII, PHI and PCI) in real time with automated alerts. And automatically quarantine or delete improperly secured sensitive information.

  • Reduce Risk

    Auditing and improving data-centric security is due diligence that’s protecting organizations from data breaches and non-compliance.

  • Reduce Cost

    Auditing also reduces the costs related to regulatory fines, litigation, and disaster recovery in case of cyber incidents.

  • Improve productivity

    The right tools help compliance, privacy, and security teams to gain visibility into data and remediate issues in minutes rather than hours.

Business Case

Storage vendors reduced prices drastically, and we know that users are not very good at “cleaning up.” So adding more storage capacity was most often the solution. Humans are data hoarders; they will always say that they need to keep everything, “just in case.” However, this creates the main challenges around information governance, making it difficult to protect, optimize, and use the information as an asset. Unfortunately, most organizations have lost control of their unstructured data repositories; over time, they have simply thrown more capacity at the problem or moved the problems to the cloud without putting in place the policies, practices, or tools to bring order to the chaos.

Addressing Data Privacy Compliance

Organizations are wondering…Are privacy regulations like the GDPR & CCPA good for business? Do we need to figure out how to comply with these data privacy regulations? The answer to both is a definite yes! While maintaining compliance with data privacy is and will be painful for organizations that don’t yet have their information governance house in order, there can be some fantastic benefits that organizations may realize from implementing appropriate archiving and information governance technologies into the DNA of their information processing activities. Organizations can realize value from these technologies for other purposes. Organizations can extract intelligence and insight into how their organization really operates and streamline their data discovery processes.

Whether you are subject to SEC 17a 17a-4, FINRA 3110/4511 monitoring requirements, or you simply wish to reduce your organization’s risk due to GDPR, HIPAA, POPIA, PIPEDA, or other privacy regulations, you need to know where your customer’s PHI, PCI, and PII lives.

Modus Data Moderator can help manage your data privacy response to regulations and the possible implications for:

  • Notices & Disclosures
  • Intake Methodology
  • Data Disposition
  • Timelines & Reporting

Reduce Risk

Auditing data-centric security protecting organizations from data breaches and regulatory non-compliance

Role-based Flexibilty

Flexible roles for Admins, Managers, Auditors, Reviewers, and End-users help to ensure an efficient and comprehensive audit process

Data-centric Security Automation

Choose to receive actionable reports or let Data Moderator act automatically to remediate security issues

Email Retraction (Anti-Phishing)

Data Moderator can ensure that malicious communications making it to employees mailboxes can be retracted and deleted before expensive phishing attacks occur

Extremely Fast Time-To-Value

Real world one(1) day on-prem deployment options supported by VMware & Hyper-V virtualization

AI-based Data Privacy Automation

AI-based automated classification significantly reduces false positives enabling zero-day compliance, and significantly reducing risk

Reduce Cost

Auditing also reduces the cost related to regulatory fines, litigation, and disaster  recovery efforts against ever increasing cyber attacks incidents

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