Team-IIS is a privately held company that manages and safeguards corporate data. We are based in the greater metro region of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Our years of consistent hard work have given us a competitive edge in archiving platform support services, legacy data migrations, information governance solutions, and AI-powered, enterprise-grade unstructured data analytics.

We firmly believe your data is your most valuable asset in today’s economy. We aim to protect and simplify it.

Team-IIS continuously strives to fulfill our mission of providing proven technology solutions to help automate your electronically stored information and meet regulatory challenges.

Executive Leadership
Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith

Chief Executive Officer
Jim Comer

Jim Comer

Vice President of Sales

Team-IIS clients require proven solutions. Our relationships with industry leaders, including Modus, Haystac, and LAE Software, validate our commitment to deploying best-in-class technology and talent while enhancing our capabilities and capacity.


We focus solely on legacy data management and the information governance needs of our clients. Your success is our success.
Why choose us


Team-IIS continuously strives to fulfill our mission of deploying proven technology solutions that automate the governance of electronically stored information to meet regulatory challenges.

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    Customer Focus

    We offer “purpose-built” proven technologies with your data governance goals in mind.

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    We build long-lasting relationships. Our focus – innovation, expertise, dedication, and integrity

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    We help you find and store the right data.

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    Integrity and ethics is our central aim. We keep our commitments and maintain your trust

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    One Stop Shop

    We handle all aspects of your information governance infrastructure including deployment, onboarding, support and maintenance

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    We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.